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Cyborgs Revisited

  1. Instant Pleasure
  2. Electro Rock
  3. Nazi Apocalypse
  4. Mole Machine
  5. Bullet Proof Nothing
  6. Here Comes The Cyborgs (Part 1)
  7. Here Comes The Cyborgs (Part 2)
  8. Dance The Mutation
  9. Illegal Bodies
  10. Low Profile
  11. Little Sally
  12. Get My Thrills
  13. Yes I Do (live)
  14. Bullet Proof Nothing (live)
  15. Now's The Time For The Party (live)
  16. I Can Change My Mind (1978 single)
  17. She's A Dog (1978 single)
The 2003 re-issue of classic material from Canadian indie pioneers Simply Saucer.

Originally released in 1989 and compiled of material largely recorded in the 1970's, Cyborgs Revisited is a testament to a Canadian garage band that is almost as much legend as reality. A cult-classic in every sense of the word, this re-issue collects all of the original material along with demos and live cuts, all narrated by comprehensive liner notes out of respect to a forgotten Canadian indie gem.



March 06, 2005 - From the pages of the LONDON SUNDAY TIMES! -
This collection of Simply Saucer's 1974 recordings represents that rare thing among rarities: an album nobody could reasonably be expected to have heard of that will soon become a touchstone for out-there musicians. Operating in the twin cultural wastelands of the mid-1970s and Hamilton, Ontario, Simply Saucer drew on the weirdest 1960s influences (the Stooges, Velvet Underground, Krautrock and Syd Barrett) to prefigure the finest noise-makers of the punk and post-punk eras. Fans of Sonic Youth, the Flaming Lips or the Dead C will hear their favourites foreshadowed here. Low Profile could have come off the Fall's brilliant 1978 debut, Live at the Witch Trials.