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Shadows of Ecstasy

  1. Flag Of The World
  2. King Of China's Daughter
  3. Pony Ride
  4. Lorraine
  5. Hiding Place
  6. Precincts Of Felicity
  7. Rockin' Chair
  8. Sacred Cow Blues
  9. Shout About It
  10. That Was The Week That Was
  11. Handsome Sailor

I eventually put together a band to play my new material and we began gigging. The band consisted of the bass player from Simply Saucer, Kevin Christoff and some fresh new blood, a harmony vocalist by the name of Compton Roberts, a young electric guitar player with jazz leanings, Jeff Bakalar and a drummer with ties to Simply Saucer and Canadian blues legends Crowbar with King Biscuit Boy, one Paul Panchezak. I played acoustic and electric guitar on it and of course sang the songs. Eventually we ended up at the Daniel Lanois founded Grant Avenue Studios where the 11 tracks on Shadows of Ecstasy were recorded. This would be 1988 -90. This is the first time the eleven tracks have been released in a cohesive and comprehensive manner. Many have never been released before.