Edgar Breau's new Cd, Patches of Blue has been released on Flying Inn Recordings, as of Jan.9, 2012. Recorded over a four year period, with producer Michael J. Birthelmer at his Pine Street Studios in Hamilton, Ontario Canada, it displays yet another side of Edgar's musical muse. There are 12 new tracks on the recording.

A video of the title track, Patches of Blue is now up on youtube created by label co prez, David Byers (Simply Saucer, Shangs). David also did the graphic design for the CD.

A stellar cast of musicians accompanied Edgar on the songs including:

Bill Dillon, who has recorded with Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Robbie Robertson and Dan Lanois among many others

Long time Simply Saucer bassist, the legendary Kevin Christoff handles the electric bass guitar arrangements, while occasional member, Chris Jamieson played the standup. As well, Trick Bag bassist Michael Hickey added tasty 5 string fretless lines to Rainmakin' Man.

Drumming was handled admirably as always by Paul Panchezak (Crowbar, King Biscuit Boy, Trick Bag).

Producer Mike Birthelmer added some mando, synth, guitar and piano to the arrangements while Etelka Nyilasi played some gypsy violin.

Banjo, fiddle and mandolin were added by multi-instrumentalist virtuoso, Joe Clark, who hails from West Virginia.

Local legends Brian Grifith (Willie Nelson, Dan Lanois many others) and Kyle Pace contributed some stellar electric guitar arrangements.

Songstress, session singer, extraordinaire, Ms. Colina Phillips (Bruce Cockburn, Alice Cooper, Marc Jordan, Jully Black) added her indelible vocal stylistics to the mix as did the wonderfully creative Mr. Mike Trebilcock of Killjoys fame.

Ed Roth played accordian and keyboards as well as adding orchestral arrangements to Dandelion Kingdom. He's a superb musician with roots that go back to the Yonge St. Toronto sixties r&b scene as well as the Yorkville explosion out of which came Neil Young, Rick James and many others.

Edgar will be performing songs from Patches of Blue in upcoming to be announced shows.

For more information, please contact flyinginnmusic@gmail.com